The New York Times Book Review

“Riveting reading. . . . [Henriques] probably knows more than anyone outside the FBI and the Securities and Exchange Commission about the mechanics of the fraud. As a consequence, in The Wizard of Lies she is able to add significant detail to the story. . . . In the end the story holds us not because of the engrossing details of the scam, but because of the human dimension.”

Financial Times

“Entertaining… Cogent and well researched, The Wizard of Lies is an engaging narrative… [The book] reveals many moments where Madoff might have been stopped. But his investors were too trusting or too greedy to ask the right questions and US regulators were too cowed and too disorganised.”
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Bloomberg Businessweek

“Henriques offers an impressive, meticulously reported postmortem not only of the Ponzi scheme but also of Madoff’s entire career. . . . The Wizard of Lies is the definitive book on what Madoff did and how he did it.”
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“(Madoff) is so much like every one of us that failing to recognize this fact will imperil us at every financial turn. This is one of many revelations in Diana Henriques’ stunning new book The Wizard of Lies: Bernie Madoff and the Death of Trust.”
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“In The Wizard of Lies: Bernard Madoff and the Death of Trust, Henriques chronicles how Madoff stole from thousands of investors around the world while fooling regulators, banks and hedge funds about his investment returns. She analyzes Madoff’s deceptive powers, the market forces propelling him, and dozens of key investors such as Picower.”
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Palm Beach Post

“New York Times reporter Diana Henriques’ book The Wizard of Lies; Bernie Madoff and the Death of Trust, ($30; Times Books) notes that Picower, one of Madoff’s oldest clients, dipped more deeply and steadily into his Madoff wealth than any other.”
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