Why it's a
REALLY bad idea
for Wall Street.

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—The New York Times Book Review

“the definitive book
on what Madoff did and how he did it.”
—Bloomberg Businessweek
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dianasmallDiana B. Henriques, an award-winning financial journalist, is the author of The Wizard of Lies, a New York Times bestseller about the Bernie Madoff scandal, and three other books on business history. As a writer for The New York Times, she has largely specialized in investigative reporting on white-collar crime, market regulation and corporate governance. more

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Madoff Victims, Five Years the Wiser

“…five years later, many of his victims are still waiting to learn if they will recover even a small fraction of the wealth they lost. And some anxious investors, who withdrew much more than they put into their Madoff accounts, are facing lawsuits that seek to reclaim profits that, unknown to them, were paid with stolen money.”

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Gary Snyder Interview

Diana discusses new material in the paperback edition of The Wizard of Lies, including Madoff’s health and declining relationship with his wife; as well as brief commentary on the JPMorgan Chase trading scandal.

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