Henriques: “I’ve Been Cast for a Role in HBO Madoff Film”


The road to my HBO film debut (playing myself in its adaptation of The Wizard of Lies) began with coffee with the executive producers in mid-July 2015. After our long conversation, they suggested to Barry Levinson that I should be asked to audition to play myself in the scenes where a character named “Diana B. Henriques” interviews Madoff in prison. I got the call a few weeks later: Would I consider doing a screen test for the role? Of course, I would! After a second audition and discussions about the filming, I got the part.

It is surreal to play oneself in a theatrical environment. Dick Cavett had a wonderful reaction to that experience — you can read it here. The challenge is not to “play” oneself but to just “be” oneself when everyone else is playing a role. But scary as it is — and accepting that I could wind up on some cutting room floor — this once-in-a-lifetime chance was just too exciting to pass up!