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Broken Trust in God’s Country

In eastern Ohio, Amish and Mennonite communities grapple with questions of faith and finance as a neighbor stands accused of a Ponzi scheme.


Money Funds Could Face More Changes

Regulators and mutual fund executives differ on the stability of money market funds since the financial crisis. The S.E.C. is expected to soon propose more changes in the industry.


Star Manager Giving Up Legg Mason Fund

Bill Miller helped found Legg Mason in 1982 and it made him a legend on Wall Street, but the volatility after 2006 hit the fund hard.


Mortgage Companies Settle Suits on Military Foreclosures

Two mortgage servicing companies have agreed to settle federal complaints that they wrongfully foreclosed on the homes of at least 178 military service members and to set aside a minimum of $22 million to compensate those victims.


U.S. Chemist Is Charged With Insider Stock Trades

A 15-year veteran of the federal Food and Drug Administration and his 25-year-old son were arrested on Tuesday and charged with systematically using confidential information about pending drug applications to reap millions in illegal trading profits since 2007.


U.S. Inquiry on Military Family Foreclosures

The Justice Department is investigating allegations that a mortgage subsidiary of Morgan Stanley foreclosed on almost two dozen military families from 2006 to 2008 in violation of a longstanding law aimed at preventing such action.