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23rd Annual ACFE Fraud Conference & Exhibition: Interview

“It is essential that all of us, especially fraud fighters, understand how ordinary a Ponzi schemer’s personality can seem. Because we only define them as Ponzi schemers in hindsight, it is very hard for us to put ourselves back into the pre-revelation mindset to appreciate what made these characters so appealing. A scholar whose work I admire described a Ponzi schemer as someone who can perfectly impersonate an honest person.”

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Forbes Exclusive: The Secret Madoff Prison Letters

“In September 2010, in the first months of this intensifying isolation, Bernie Madoff became my pen pal–forced by captivity to rely almost entirely on e-mail and letters to carry out his last, desperate mission.

That mission: rewriting history–his own history. Where better to start than with his biographer?”

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Harvard Political Review Interview

“The financial corporate world is an intensely difficult place to develop sources. The document landscape is wonderful, but the source-building landscape remains the most challenging I have ever worked in. The current environment with so much hostility aimed at corporate America has intensified that challenge.” Full Article